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Anti-Spam Techniques In PHP, Part 1

This article is part of the series “Anti-Spam Techniques In PHP”. Anti-Spam Techniques In PHP. Read more about Anti-Spam Techniques In PHP...


This short series of articles provides a few simple techniques for protecting yourself and your web site from spammers.

It does this from two perspectives:

The issue here is that if you publish your email address on a web site, there’s a good chance it will be harvested to be used by spammers. Many of these harvesting tools are crude and poorly written so it can be easy to protect yourself from these, although some are more sophisticated.

The first article in this series contains techniques for preventing spam for people who post to your web site.

The issue here is that if your web site allows anybody to submit content, chances are spammers will bombard it with links to their products. They do this to receive a higher backlink count, and therefore receive a higher Google PageRank, giving them better search engine results.

There are number of anti-spam techniques for preventing this, which will be discussed in the second article of this series.

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