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Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 1, Beginning with Prototype

This article is part of the series “Eight Weeks of Prototype”. Eight Weeks of Prototype is a series of articles covering the most important aspects of JavaScript development with the Prototype framework. Prototype is a JavaScript framework used to help developers easily create powerful web applications that work across all modern web browsers.. Read more about Eight Weeks of Prototype...


Prototype is a JavaScript framework used to help with development of cross-browser code that is easy to maintain and extend. In this first article of "Eight Weeks of Prototype" I will teach you the fundamentals of Prototype, which you will hopefully find useful for all JavaScript code you write.

Firstly, I will show you how to download and install Prototype into your own web applications.

Next I will show you how to select elements from the DOM (Document Object Model). That is, you'll learn how to access any element from your HTML document (such as a particular link or image). There are several ways to select elements, each of which will be covered.

In the last part of this article I will show you how to create new elements real-time and add them to the DOM. I will also show you how to remove elements from the DOM.

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