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Zend Framework 101: Zend_Gdata_YouTube


In this article I have shown you how to access and output a list of videos from YouTube using the Zend_Gdata_YouTube class. I showed you how to embed each video or simply output one or more thumbnails of a video.

Additionally, I showed you how to perform more advanced queries using the Zend_Gdata_Query class. We created a script that splits results up into multiple pages then display links to each page.

There are many other things you can do with this API, including retrieving different types of feeds or even uploading videos directly to YouTube.

Additionally, if you're going to use the code in this article, I recommend combining if with techniques covered in Zend Framework 101: Zend_Cache. Since the feed data won't change often, you should reduce the number of calls to the YouTube web service whenever possible as this will result in significant performance gains for your web application.

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