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Geocoding with PHP and the Google Maps API

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Chad, 11 March 2008
Can you explain what is the difference between the geocoding from Google Maps online and its API please? Thanks.

nev, 21 April 2224

Is there a way I can pull the latitude/longitude data into the browser using PHP 4 (4.4.7)?

Response from PhpRiot:

Yes, the Geocoder web service is compatible with PHP 4 (since it's provided as a web service), however the code created in this article takes advantage of a number of PHP 5 features.

You would essentially need to rewrite the classes so they don't use code constructs such as exceptions or using __construct().

Matthew Purdon, 17 February 2008

One important thing to note is that the 15k limit is based on IP address, not your Google API key. If you can push the geocoding off onto your client browser, you will never need to worry about this limit.

Response from PhpRiot:

While this is true for the JavaScript geocoder, this does not apply to the server-side geocoder as covered in this article. Since the request is performed by the server, Google has no knowledge of the IP address of the client that initiated the request.

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