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Cloning Google Suggest With Ajaxac

Using The Application

Now hopefully, all has gone well and it’s all pieced together correctly (if it hasn’t, you can visit the AjaxAC web site and download this example in full.

Assuming the database has been created and populated correctly, you should be able to hit the index.php file on your web server and type a partial phrase to get a list of results. This code will work (at minimum) in Internet Explorer 6 and in FireFox

If it doesn’t quite work, I highly recommend using FireFox to debug the JavaScript (as its JavaScript debugging is much better than Internet Explorer), and to verify the HTTP subrequest are working correctly, use the livehttpheaders plugin for FireFox, as it will easily allow you to see if requests are being made correctly.

AjaxAC doesn’t have a lot in the way of debugging at this stage, but hopefully that will change at some point down the track.

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