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Storing Images In MySQL

Note: This article has been replaced by Storing Images in MySQL Revisited (by Quentin Zervaas, 2010). We've left this article here for historical purposes, but we strongly recommend you use the newer article instead.


This article is an introduction to using the blob column type in MySQL. The concept is introduced by familiarising users with uploading and storing images in a MySQL table.

Definitely a controversial topic in PHP-land, but at least knowing how to do it will help you make a decision on whether or not it’s for you.

The article covers the following:

  • Isn’t this a bad idea?
  • What is a BLOB?
  • Creating an image table
  • The upload form
  • Uploading the image
  • The upload() function
  • Display an image from the database
  • Displaying all the information

This article was originally published at, and is reproduced on PhpRiot with permission of the author, Kevin Waterson.

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