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Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 6, Writing JavaScript Classes with Prototype


In this article I have shown you how to create JavaScript classes using the helper functions Prototype provides. This included showing you how to create a class constructor and how to extend classes using child classes.

In addition to this, I showed you how to create a string representation of your class instances by implementing the toString() method, and how to create custom enumerable classes by extending the Enumerable class and implement a method called _each().

One of the most important concepts to take out of this article was that of function binding, which is extremely important if you are effectively going to develop JavaScript classes. I showed you how to use the bind() method for Ajax request handlers and the bindAsEventListener() method for event callbacks. Additionally, I showed you how to bind iterator functions when looping over enumerable objects.

In the next article of "Eight Weeks of Prototype", I will cover a range of miscellaneous topics that are useful for JavaScript development with Prototype.

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