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Creating Multi-Step Forms And Wizards In PHP

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Ben, 25 April 2008
Do you have any clues in integrating the multipage form in Drupal ? I replaced with my specific node (?q=node/10) in the following line : form method="post" action="?action=getStepName() ?" But every time I click on the Previous or Next buttons of the multipage form, I keep getting back to the front page (although it seems the form has processed the data and switched to the other page as can be seen when I come back to the node). Any clues much appreciated, as I have spent quite some time configuring this multipage form !

Stuart, 1 February 2008
Hi All - This is a great script but I have an extra requirement which I could do with some help on... How can I adjust the form so that I can pass a variable in the URL of the form when it is first loaded and then access the value of the variable as though it were another value harvested from the form? e.g. So that I can then program the form to behave differently in its processing based on the values of 'colour' and 'productid' by using the idea of: getValue('colour') ? to retrieve the value. I would only want the variables in the url string when first calling the form and then hold them in the session variables going forward.

Jim, 1 November 2007
First of all, I really appreciate your wizard. However, I have run into difficulties trying to upload files using the wizard, and after racking my brain for two days, I thought I would ask for help. what is happening is this. I have a 'file' input type on my form, which allows the end user to select a file on their local machine, which gets validated and eventually uploaded with the completecallback() function. This works perfectly in IE, however when I use the script in firefox, I cannot figure out how to retain the path to the clients file, which then means I cannot validate or upload their file. If you can offer any help, I would really appreciate it.
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