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Implementing An N-Level Nested Tree In PHP And PostgreSQL, Part 2

Article Comments (4 total)

goobernutz, 26 January 2010

The 5th anniversary of this article is rapidly approaching. How's part 3 coming along? :P

Andrew Millne, 11 January 2010

Does this need updating to support PHP5? I'm having issues.

regan, 18 March 2009
Can Quentin confirm if the following will work to re-build the nleft + nright values etc starting at a particular node in the tree? (The $DB2 object is a connection to the database and particular to my code.) /** * Rebuilds the tree data from a particular node and saves it to the database */ function rebuildfromnode($id) { global $DB2; $node = $this-getNode($id); if (is_null($node)) return; $data = $this-getTreeWithChildren(); // invoke the recursive function. Start it processing // on the fake "root node" generated in getTreeWithChildren(). // because this node doesn't really exist in the database, we // give it an initial nleft value of 0 and an nlevel of 0. $idField = $this-fields['id']; $this-_generateTreeData( $data, $node-$idField , $node-nlevel , $node-nleft ); // at this point the the root node will have nleft of 0, nlevel of 0 // and nright of (tree size * 2 + 1) foreach ($data as $id = $row) { // skip the root node if ($id == 0) continue; $query = sprintf('update %s set nlevel = %d, nleft = %d, nright = %d where %s = %d', $this-table, $row-nlevel, $row-nleft, $row-nright, $this-fields['id'], $id); $DB2-query($query); } } Regan

Richard Wilson, 27 April 2008
Great article so far! Just a small bug. in the getPath method of the NestedTree class, the array iteration tries to access an empty property, $idField and causes a fatal error. This is because it has not been set. To fix, add $idField = $this-fields['id']; at the top of the method. Cheers
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