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Implementing An N-Level Nested Tree In PHP And PostgreSQL Appendix

This article is part of the series “Implementing An N-Level Nested Tree In PHP And PostgreSQL”. Implementing An N-Level Nested Tree In PHP And PostgreSQL. Read more about Implementing An N-Level Nested Tree In PHP And PostgreSQL...


Since creating the second part of the Nested Tree series, I’ve done further work on the nested tree class.

This appendix article is not officially part of the “3 part series”, but it is an addon article which may be continually updated with new ideas and snippets to include in the NestedTree class. The reason these have been kept separate is because they are not core to the concept of implementing nested trees in your web site.

Hopefully this article will continually be updated with new ideas, and at some point may be split into multiple articles below this one.

For further reading on nested trees, see the other articles in the series:

  1. Theory behind the nested tree model. How it all works and how to look up data
  2. Implementing the model in PHP and PostgreSQL
  3. Using the model in a real-world web application

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May 11, 2005
Initial article version
Apr 21, 3586
Updated getImmediateFamily() method to correctly reference the $fields property