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Monitoring File Uploads using Ajax and PHP

Article Comments (6 total)

Jason, 11 August 2009
@rani, are you on ubuntu with the suhosin patch? I was getting the same results. It seems this is a bug between suhosin and apc:

rani, 3 April 2009
the article is great.but i have one question.while trying to test the progress bar on my local machine, the percentage returned is always zero.consequently, the progress bar is not working.thanks.your help is appreciated

nisha saju, 22 January 2009
good article.But to upload with file_exists checking what should i this it uploads once more an already existing file

Romain Norberg, 20 April 1221
This article is very good and script work very well ! Thank u. Romain Debian Etch server

Zac, 1 October 2008
Great article Quentin, thanks for taking the time to write it. A great insight into prototype and OO code at work. Z

mustafa, 5 May 2008
Hello, How can we get from this $_FILES[myFile][type] and filter don't wanted?
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