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Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 3, Prototype Data Types

This article is part of the series “Eight Weeks of Prototype”. Eight Weeks of Prototype is a series of articles covering the most important aspects of JavaScript development with the Prototype framework. Prototype is a JavaScript framework used to help developers easily create powerful web applications that work across all modern web browsers.. Read more about Eight Weeks of Prototype...


In this, the third article in the "Eight Weeks of Prototype" series, I will teach you about the different data types that can be used in Prototype (on top of the existing JavaScript data types).

The first data types we will look are the basic string and number types. Prototype extends these JavaScript types to give you more control over their behaviour.

Next we will look at the Enumerable class, which is used to manage a series of values. Once we have covered the way Enumerable works and is used, we will look at the Array and Hash data types, both of which are examples of an Enumerable type.

In this article I will assume you have read and understand the first two articles in this series.

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