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Advanced Documentation With Reflection In PHP 5

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marun, 28 June 2007

This code is no longer valid. Function php_check_syntax() has been removed from PHP since 5.0.5. See:

Stefan Marr, 21 September 2006

Nice article. Live generate documentation, interesting idea. Maybe the Extended Reflection API is something which is useful for this task ( It does parsing of docblocks and enhances the reflection API with a type system. It brings annotations to the PHP world, too.

In your article you mentioned the php_check_syntax() function. But in the current online documentation of this function is marked as deprecated. Did you know any other way to include a php-file with out running it's scripts?

Response from PhpRiot:

It may not be an ideal solution in that it's not natively PHP, but you could perhaps use the command line tool, such as the following:

    $filename = '/path/to/script.php';
    $cmd      = sprintf('/usr/local/bin/php -l %s', escapeshellarg($filename);
    $output = trim(`$cmd`);    

Note the correct usage of backticks, and that you use the correct path to your CLI version of PHP.

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