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Implementing a WebDAV filesystem with PHP and SabreDAV

Downloading and Installing SabreDAV

Now that you have a virtual host dedicated to your WebDAV server, we can download and install SabreDAV. At time of writing, the current version of SabreDAV is 1.0.10. You can download it from

Once downloaded, extract it and move the contents of lib to the /var/www/dav/include directory. You should then have the following files present:

  • /var/www/include/Sabre
  • /var/www/include/Sabre.autoload.php
  • /var/www/include/Sabre.includes.php

To load the SabreDAV library, we simple need to include the Sabre.autoload.php file. This will register a new auto-loader in PHP that will load required classes on demand.

Note: If your application already uses its own auto-loader then you may instead want to include the Sabre.includes.php file instead to load every file. If your auto-loader uses PEAR class-naming, then that will also work (e.g. Foo/Bar/Baz.php corresponds to Foo_Bar_Baz) and you don't need to load any SabreDAV files ahead of time.

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