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Zend Framework 101: Zend_Service_Amazon_S3

Signing Up For Amazon S3

Before you can use Amazon S3, you must create an Amazon AWS account. Visit the following URL and click the Sign Up For Amazon S3 button.

If you don't already have an AWS account you will now be given the option to create an account. If you already have an AWS account you will be able to log in so S3 access can be given to your account.

Note: Amazon S3 is not a free service. It is however a relatively inexpensive and simple way to create a Content Delivery Network. Pricing for the service is listed at the URL above.

Once you have access to Amazon S3, you must create a pair of keys in order to access the web service. These are referred to as the AWS Key and the AWS Secret Key. Both of these are required.

Managing Your S3 Data

While developing your code that communicates with Amazon S3, you may find it useful to use an S3 client.

If you're using Mac OS X you can use Cyberduck to connect to S3 and manage your data. On Windows you can use CloudBerry S3 Explorer.

You will need your AWS keys to use these programs.

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