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Advanced Documentation With Reflection In PHP 5

In PHP there are many ways to document code. In PHP the most common method is phpdoc and it is widely used all over. However, with the introduction of Reflection in PHP 5, you no longer need source code scanning tools to generate documentation. This article covers one way to extend and modify phpdoc comment syntax and access the data via Reflection and convert it to machine readable XML.

Advanced OOP With SPL In PHP 5

This article covers the extensions to PHP5's OOP including SPL (Standard PHP Library) and how to use them in a real world setting. For the purposes of this article it will be assumed that you already know about classes, interfaces, static members, and references. You should also understand some basic design patterns like Factory. These concepts will be illustrated through the use of a conceptual database layer.

Understanding Transactions And Locking In PostgreSQL

In most modern relational databases there is support for concurrent operations. PostgreSQL is no different. While concurrency can drastically improve the performance of your application it also has many different implications to thread safety. For those of you who are not familiar with thread safety in general terms; thread safety is the process of ensuring that two threads cannot do the same operation at the same time. The following article discusses transaction control and table locking in PostgreSQL and is intended for an advanced audience.