Text Saver

Text Saver 7.0 – Text Saver 100% Free for Windows

Text Saver is a program that allows users to extract text messages from their iPhone backup files and save them to a hard drive. Everyone […]

TracePlus Ethernet

TracePlus Ethernet – 100% Free for Windows

Although keeping an eye on network hardware in order to make sure everything works optimally is a good idea, it is very often cumbersome and […]

Titan Quest

Titan Quest 2.0.79 R3 – Titan Quest 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Now there is an all-new action packed role playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt, developed by the creators of […]

Thexyz Cloud

Thexyz Cloud 1.9.2 – Thexyz Cloud 100% Free for Windows

Now you can protect all the information on your computer with a worry-free backup system. With Thexyz Cloud, you can automatically back up your computer’s […]

Tomahawk Gold

Tomahawk Gold 4.5.1 – Tomahawk Gold 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Most computer users have always used the same word processing software, never thinking that there might be another alternative out there that they would like […]


Tintii 2.9.0 – Add effects to your pictures

With Tintii, you can now add impressive coloring effects to all of your black and white photos. This interesting application lets you put bits of […]


Trikanoid 1.1 – Trikanoid 100% Free for Windows

If you were a fan of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s, then you will definitely like Trikanoid, a fantastic and true-to-form remake […]

Tower Solitaire

Tower Solitaire 1 – Tower Solitaire 100% Free for Windows

Tower Solitaire is a fun and easy to learn solitaire game that was originally inspired by the classic version of Tripeaks, as well as Golf […]

Tasty Static

Tasty Static – Tasty Static 100% Free for Windows

The developers of this 3D platform racing game have accurately described Tasty Static as a game in which you ‘go really fast and jump a […]

Techinline Remote Desktop

Techinline Remote Desktop – Techinline Remote Desktop 100% Free for Windows

Anyone who works with computers in any way knows how it goes. When one of your friends or family members runs into a problem with […]