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OnLine TV Live 10.0.0 – Download OnLine TV Live For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

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  • 10/04/2014
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About OnLine TV Live 10.0.0 – Download OnLine TV Live For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

OnLine TV Live is a fully featured streaming service that lets you enjoy television and radio channels directly from your computer. This application grants access to over 3,000 TV and radio stations from all around the world, which are divided by country in a handy tab organizational structure. Now, 3000 stations is a lot to just scan through. Luckily, OnLine TV Live comes with its own TV guide so you’ll be able to know the shows available at any given moment.

With OnLine TV Live, you’ll also have access to exclusive material not shown anywhere else, such as movie trailers, games, and even newspaper information, thanks to the feed service it includes. Or do you just want to listen to a little radio? OnLine TV Live offers a non-intrusive multimedia player for you to play your favorite radio station without taking up much computer space, so you can continue with whatever other work you are doing. It is even compatible with different streaming protocols, like the Real Player channels. This assures you a great experience and huge amounts of content to access.

OnLine TV Live also includes a parental control system to ensure that your children won’t have access to anything you deem inappropriate. Its interface is quite intuitive, making the different options easy to access and change.

The unique features of OnLine TV Live include:

  • More than 3,000 available TV channels and radio stations
  • Windows Media Player and Real Player support
  • Sync your music with its built-in media player
  • Includes a Media Manager to access your local library
  • Channels are classified by categories to allow easy searching and access
  • Parental control options

There are also other applications that work in a similar way as OnLine TV Live. Web TV Easy is one that helps you to avoid annoying advertisements while you are watching your programs. Another option is World TV and Radio Tuner, which brings you the option of listening to the radio stations of several different countries.

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