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Runtime Configuration

The behaviour of these functions is affected by settings in php.ini.

AMQP Configure Options
Name Default Changeable Changelog localhost PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.vhost / PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.port 5672 PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.login guest PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.password guest PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.auto_ack 0 PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.min_messages 0 PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.max_messages 1 PHP_INI_ALL
amqp.prefetch_count 3 PHP_INI_ALL

Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives. string

The host to which to connect.

amqp.vhost string

The virtual host on the broker to which to connect.

amqp.port integer

The port on which to connect.

amqp.login string

The login to use while connecting to the broker.

amqp.password string

The password to use while connecting to the broker.

amqp.auto_ack integer

Whether calls to AMQPQueue::get and AMQPQueue::consume should require that the client explicitly acknowledge messages. Setting this value to 1 will pass in the AMQP_AUTOACK flag to the above method calls if the flags field is omitted.

amqp.min_messages integer

The minimum number of messages to require during a call to AMQPQueue::consume.

amqp.max_messages integer

The maximum number of messages to require during a call to AMQPQueue::consume.

amqp.prefetch_count integer

The number of messages to prefect from the server during a call to AMQPQueue::get or AMQPQueue::consume during which the AMQP_AUTOACK flag is not set.

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