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The CairoFilter class

(No version information available, might only be in SVN)


A CairoFilter is used to indicate what filtering should be applied when reading pixel values from patterns. See CairoPattern::setSource or cairo_pattern_set_source() for indicating the desired filter to be used with a particular pattern.

Class synopsis

CairoFilter {
/* Constants */
const integer FAST = 0 ;
const integer GOOD = 1 ;
const integer BEST = 2 ;
const integer NEAREST = 3 ;
const integer BILINEAR = 4 ;
const integer GAUSSIAN = 5 ;

Predefined Constants


A high-performance filter, with quality similar to CairoFilter::NEAREST


A reasonable-performance filter, with quality similar to CairoFilter::BILINEAR


The highest-quality available, performance may not be suitable for interactive use.


Nearest-neighbor filtering


Linear interpolation in two dimensions


This filter value is currently unimplemented, and should not be used in current code.

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