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The CairoFontType class

(No version information available, might only be in SVN)


CairoFontType class is an abstract final class that contains constants used to describe the type of a given CairoFontFace or CairoScaledFont. The font types are also known as "font backends" within cairo.

The type of a CairoFontFace is determined by the how it is created, an example would be the CairoToyFontFace::__construct. The CairoFontFace type can be queried with CairoFontFace::getType or cairo_font_face_get_type()

The various CairoFontFace functions can be used with a font face of any type.

The type of a CairoScaledFont is determined by the type of the CairoFontFace passed to CairoScaledFont::__construct or cairo_scaled_font_create(). The scaled font type can be queried with CairoScaledFont::getType or cairo_scaled_font_get_type().

Class synopsis

CairoFontType {
/* Constants */
const integer TOY = 0 ;
const integer FT = 1 ;
const integer WIN32 = 2 ;
const integer QUARTZ = 3 ;

Predefined Constants


The font was created using CairoToyFont api


The font is of type CairoFreeType


The font is of type Win32


The font is of type Quartz


The font was create using cairo's user font api

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