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The HttpQueryString class

(PECL pecl_http >= 0.22.0)

Class synopsis

HttpQueryString implements ArrayAccess , Serializable {
final public __construct ([ bool $global = true [, mixed $add ]] )
public mixed get ([ string $key [, mixed $type = 0 [, mixed $defval = NULL [, bool $delete = false ]]]] )
public HttpQueryString mod ( mixed $params )
public string set ( mixed $params )
static public HttpQueryString singleton ([ bool $global = true ] )
public array toArray ( void )
public string toString ( void )
public bool xlate ( string $ie , string $oe )

Class Members


Instance Properties
Modifiers Type Name Description
private array queryArray query parameters
private string queryString serialized query parameters
Static Properties
Modifiers Type Name Description
private array instance holds singletons

Predefined Constants

Type Name Description
int TYPE_BOOL retrieve query param as bool
int TYPE_INT retrieve query param as int
int TYPE_FLOAT retrieve query param as float
int TYPE_STRING retrieve query param as string
int TYPE_ARRAY retrieve query param as array
int TYPE_OBJECT retrieve query param as object

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