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(PHP 4)

swf_onconditionDescribe a transition used to trigger an action list


void swf_oncondition ( int $transition )

The swf_oncondition() function describes a transition that will trigger an action list.



There are several types of possible transitions, the following are for buttons defined as TYPE_MENUBUTTON:

  • IdletoOverUp
  • OverUptoIdle
  • OverUptoOverDown
  • OverDowntoOverUp
  • IdletoOverDown
  • OutDowntoIdle
  • MenuEnter (IdletoOverUp|IdletoOverDown)
  • MenuExit (OverUptoIdle|OverDowntoIdle)
For TYPE_PUSHBUTTON there are the following options:
  • IdletoOverUp
  • OverUptoIdle
  • OverUptoOverDown
  • OverDowntoOverUp
  • OverDowntoOutDown
  • OutDowntoOverDown
  • OutDowntoIdle
  • ButtonEnter (IdletoOverUp|OutDowntoOverDown)
  • ButtonExit (OverUptoIdle|OverDowntoOutDown)

Return Values

No value is returned.

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