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(PECL mongo >= 0.8.1)

MongoBinData::__constructCreates a new binary data object.


public MongoBinData::__construct ( string $data [, int $type = 2 ] )

Creates a new binary data object.

There are five types of binary data currently recognized by the BSON spec: function (0x01), byte array (0x02), UUID (0x03), MD5 (0x05), and user defined (0x80). The default type is byte array (0x02). There is no particular difference in how the driver or server interpret different types, so by and large they are irrelevant for now. Any number (between 0 and 255) could be used for type, if the user is willing to assume the risk that the database might eventually do something with binary data based on type.



Binary data.


Data type.

Return Values

Returns a new binary data object.


Version Description
1.2.11 Emits E_DEPRECATED when the second argument is not used. The default value for type may change in the near future.

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