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Calendar Functions

Table of Contents

  • cal_days_in_month - Return the number of days in a month for a given year and calendar
  • cal_from_jd - Converts from Julian Day Count to a supported calendar
  • cal_info - Returns information about a particular calendar
  • cal_to_jd - Converts from a supported calendar to Julian Day Count
  • easter_date - Get Unix timestamp for midnight on Easter of a given year
  • easter_days - Get number of days after March 21 on which Easter falls for a given year
  • FrenchToJD - Converts a date from the French Republican Calendar to a Julian Day Count
  • GregorianToJD - Converts a Gregorian date to Julian Day Count
  • JDDayOfWeek - Returns the day of the week
  • JDMonthName - Returns a month name
  • JDToFrench - Converts a Julian Day Count to the French Republican Calendar
  • JDToGregorian - Converts Julian Day Count to Gregorian date
  • jdtojewish - Converts a Julian day count to a Jewish calendar date
  • JDToJulian - Converts a Julian Day Count to a Julian Calendar Date
  • jdtounix - Convert Julian Day to Unix timestamp
  • JewishToJD - Converts a date in the Jewish Calendar to Julian Day Count
  • JulianToJD - Converts a Julian Calendar date to Julian Day Count
  • unixtojd - Convert Unix timestamp to Julian Day

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