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RRD Functions

Table of Contents

  • rrd_create - Creates rrd database file
  • rrd_error - Gets latest error message.
  • rrd_fetch - Fetch the data for graph as array.
  • rrd_first - Gets the timestamp of the first sample from rrd file.
  • rrd_graph - Creates image from a data.
  • rrd_info - Gets information about rrd file
  • rrd_last - Gets unix timestamp of the last sample.
  • rrd_lastupdate - Gets information about last updated data.
  • rrd_restore - Restores the RRD file from XML dump.
  • rrd_tune - Tunes some RRD database file header options.
  • rrd_update - Updates the RRD database.
  • rrd_version - Gets information about underlying rrdtool library
  • rrd_xport - Exports the information about RRD database.

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