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(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)

SolrUtils::digestXmlResponseParses an response XML string into a SolrObject


public static SolrObject SolrUtils::digestXmlResponse ( string $xmlresponse [, int $parse_mode = 0 ] )

This method parses an response XML string from the Apache Solr server into a SolrObject. It throws a SolrException if there was an error.



The XML response string from the Solr server.


Use SolrResponse::PARSE_SOLR_OBJ or SolrResponse::PARSE_SOLR_DOC

Return Values

Returns the SolrObject representing the XML response.

If the parse_mode parameter is set to SolrResponse::PARSE_SOLR_OBJ Solr documents will be parses as SolrObject instances.

If it is set to SolrResponse::PARSE_SOLR_DOC, they will be parsed as SolrDocument instances.

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