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{counter} is used to print out a count. {counter} will remember the count on each iteration. You can adjust the number, the interval and the direction of the count, as well as determine whether or not to print the value. You can run multiple counters concurrently by supplying a unique name for each one. If you do not supply a name, the name default will be used.

If you supply the assign attribute, the output of the {counter} function will be assigned to this template variable instead of being output to the template.

Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
name string No default The name of the counter
start number No 1 The initial number to start counting from
skip number No 1 The interval to count by
direction string No up The direction to count (up/down)
print boolean No TRUE Whether or not to print the value
assign string No n/a the template variable the output will be assigned to

Example 133. {counter}

{* initialize the count *}
{counter start=0 skip=2}<br />
{counter}<br />
{counter}<br />
{counter}<br />


this will output:

0<br />
2<br />
4<br />
6<br />


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