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Template comments are surrounded by asterisks, and that is surrounded by the delimiter tags like so:

{* this is a comment *}


Smarty comments are NOT displayed in the final output of the template, unlike <!-- HTML comments -->. These are useful for making internal notes in the templates which no one will see ;-)

Example 12. Comments within a template

{* I am a Smarty comment, I don't exist in the compiled output  *}

{* another single line smarty comment  *}
<!-- HTML comment that is sent to the browser -->

{* this multiline smarty
   comment is
   not sent to browser

Multi line comment block with credits block
  @ author:
  @ maintainer:
  @ para:           var that sets block style
  @ css:            the style output

{* The header file with the main logo and stuff  *}
{include file='header.tpl'}

{* Dev note:  the $includeFile var is assigned in foo.php script  *}
<!-- Displays main content block -->
{include file=$includeFile}

{* this <select> block is redundant *}
<select name="company">
  {html_options options=$vals selected=$selected_id}

<!-- Show header from affiliate is disabled -->
{* $affiliate|upper *}

{* you cannot nest comments *}
<select name="company">
  {* <option value="0">-- none -- </option> *}
  {html_options options=$vals selected=$selected_id}



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