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Writing Plugins

Plugins can be either loaded by Smarty automatically from the filesystem or they can be registered at runtime via one of the register_* API functions. They can also be unregistered by using unregister_* API functions.

For the plugins that are registered at runtime, the name of the plugin function(s) does not have to follow the naming convention.

If a plugin depends on some functionality provided by another plugin (as is the case with some plugins bundled with Smarty), then the proper way to load the needed plugin is this:

function smarty_function_yourPlugin(array $paramsSmarty_Internal_Template $template)
// load plugin depended upon
// plugin code


As a general rule, the currently evaluated template's Smarty_Internal_Template object is always passed to the plugins as the last parameter with two exceptions:

  • modifiers do not get passed the Smarty_Internal_Template object at all

  • blocks get passed $repeat after the Smarty_Internal_Template object to keep backwards compatibility to older versions of Smarty.

Smarty Template Engine