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Custom Template Resources

You can retrieve templates using whatever possible source you can access with PHP: databases, sockets, files, etc. You do this by writing resource plugin functions and registering them with Smarty.

See resource plugins section for more information on the functions you are supposed to provide.


Note that you cannot override the built-in file: resource, but you can provide a resource that fetches templates from the file system in some other way by registering under another resource name.

Example 240. Using custom resources


* MySQL Resource
* Resource Implementation based on the Custom API to use
* MySQL as the storage resource for Smarty's templates and configs.
* Table definition:
* <pre>CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `templates` (
*   `name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
*   `source` text,
*   PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
* Demo data:
* <pre>INSERT INTO `templates` (`name`, `modified`, `source`) VALUES ('test.tpl', "2010-12-25 22:00:00", '{$x="hello world"}{$x}');</pre>
* @package Resource-examples
* @author Rodney Rehm
class Smarty_Resource_Mysql extends Smarty_Resource_Custom {
// PDO instance
protected $db;
// prepared fetch() statement
protected $fetch;
// prepared fetchTimestamp() statement
protected $mtime;

 public function 
__construct() {
     try {
$this->db = new PDO("mysql:dbname=test;host=""smarty""smarty");
     } catch (
PDOException $e) {
         throw new 
SmartyException('Mysql Resource failed: ' $e->getMessage());
$this->fetch $this->db->prepare('SELECT modified, source FROM templates WHERE name = :name');
$this->mtime $this->db->prepare('SELECT modified FROM templates WHERE name = :name');
  * Fetch a template and its modification time from database
  * @param string $name template name
  * @param string $source template source
  * @param integer $mtime template modification timestamp (epoch)
  * @return void
protected function fetch($name, &$source, &$mtime)
$this->fetch->execute(array('name' => $name));
$row $this->fetch->fetch();
     if (
$row) {
$source $row['source'];
$mtime strtotime($row['modified']);
     } else {
$source null;
$mtime null;
  * Fetch a template's modification time from database
  * @note implementing this method is optional. Only implement it if modification times can be accessed faster than loading the comple template source.
  * @param string $name template name
  * @return integer timestamp (epoch) the template was modified
protected function fetchTimestamp($name) {
$this->mtime->execute(array('name' => $name));
$mtime $this->mtime->fetchColumn();

$smarty = new Smarty();
$smarty->registerResource('mysql', new Smarty_Resource_Mysql());

// using resource from php script


And from within Smarty template:

{include file='mysql:extras/navigation.tpl'}


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