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This function is called when a config file cannot be obtained from its resource.


The default handler is currently only invoked for file resources. It is not triggered when the resource itself cannot be found, in which case a SmartyException is thrown.

Example 161. $default_config_handler_func


= new Smarty();
$smarty->default_config_handler_func 'my_default_config_handler_func';

 * Default Config Handler
 * called when Smarty's file: resource is unable to load a requested file
 * @param string   $type     resource type (e.g. "file", "string", "eval", "resource")
 * @param string   $name     resource name (e.g. "foo/bar.tpl")
 * @param string  &$content  config's content
 * @param integer &$modified config's modification time
 * @param Smarty   $smarty   Smarty instance
 * @return string|boolean   path to file or boolean true if $content and $modified 
 *                          have been filled, boolean false if no default config 
 *                          could be loaded
function my_default_config_handler_func($type$name, &$content, &$modifiedSmarty $smarty) {
    if (
false) {
// return corrected filepath
return "/tmp/some/foobar.tpl";
    } elseif (
false) {
// return a config directly
$content 'someVar = "the config source"';
$modified time();
    } else {
// tell smarty that we failed
return false;



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