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Creating an object of Zend_Currency has become simpler. You no longer have to give a script or set it to NULL. The optional script parameter is now an option which can be set through the setFormat() method.

$currency = new Zend_Currency($currency, $locale);

The setFormat() method takes now an array of options. These options are set permanently and override all previously set values. Also a new option 'precision' has been added. The following options have been refactored:

  • position: Replacement for the old 'rules' parameter.

  • script: Replacement for the old 'script' parameter.

  • format: Replacement for the old 'locale' parameter which does not set new currencies but only the number format.

  • display: Replacement for the old 'rules' parameter.

  • precision: New parameter.

  • name: Replacement for the ole 'rules' parameter. Sets the full currencies name.

  • currency: New parameter.

  • symbol: New parameter.

$currency->setFormat(array $options);

The toCurrency() method no longer supports the optional 'script' and 'locale' parameters. Instead it takes an options array which can contain the same keys as for the setFormat() method.

$currency->toCurrency($value, array $options);

The methods getSymbol(), getShortName(), getName(), getRegionList() and getCurrencyList() are no longer static and can be called from within the object. They return the set values of the object if no parameter has been set.

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