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Security change

For security reasons Zend_File_Transfer does no longer store the original mimetype and filesize which is given from the requesting client into its internal storage. Instead the real values will be detected at initiation.

Additionally the original values within $_FILES will be overridden within the real values at initiation. This makes also $_FILES secure.

When you are in need of the original values you can either store them before initiating Zend_File_Transfer or use the disableInfos option at initiation. Note that this option is useless when its given after initiation.

Count validation

Before release 1.10 the MimeType validator used a wrong naming. For consistency the following constants have been changed:

Table 179. Changed Validation Messages

Old New Value  
TOO_MUCH TOO_MANY Too many files, maximum '%max%' are allowed but '%count%' are given  
TOO_LESS TOO_FEW Too few files, minimum '%min%' are expected but '%count%' are given  

When you are translating these messages within your code then use the new constants. As benefit you don't need to translate the original string anymore to get a correct spelling.

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