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Deprecated methods

Some specialized translation methods have been deprecated because they duplicate existing behaviour. Note that the old methods will still work, but a user notice is triggered which describes the new call. The methods will be erased with 2.0. See the following list for old and new method call.

Table 181. List of measurement types

Old call New call
getLanguageTranslationList($locale) getTranslationList('language', $locale)
getScriptTranslationList($locale) getTranslationList('script', $locale)
getCountryTranslationList($locale) getTranslationList('territory', $locale, 2)
getTerritoryTranslationList($locale) getTranslationList('territory', $locale, 1)
getLanguageTranslation($value, $locale) getTranslation($value, 'language', $locale)
getScriptTranslation($value, $locale) getTranslation($value, 'script', $locale)
getCountryTranslation($value, $locale) getTranslation($value, 'country', $locale)
getTerritoryTranslation($value, $locale) getTranslation($value, 'territory', $locale)

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