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Zend_Application_Resource_Navigation can be used to configure a Zend_Navigation instance. Configuration options are per the Zend_Navigation options.

Once done configuring the navigation instance, it assigns the instance to Zend_View_Helper_Navigation by default -- from which you may retrieve it later.

Example 48. Sample Navigation resource configuration

Below is a sample INI snippet showing how to configure the navigation resource.

resources.navigation.pages.page1.label = "Label of the first page"
resources.navigation.pages.page1.route = "Route that belongs to the first page"

; Page 2 is a subpage of page 1
resources.navigation.pages.page1.pages.page2.type = "Zend_Navigation_Page_Uri"
resources.navigation.pages.page1.pages.page2.label = "Label of the second page"
resources.navigation.pages.page1.pages.page2.uri = "/url/to/page/2"

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