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This resource provides the ability to configure and instantiate Zend_Http_UserAgent for use within your application.

Quick Start

Using Zend_Http_UserAgent, including usage of the application resource, is covered in the UserAgent quick start. Below is a quick summary of typical options you might provide.

resources.useragent.wurflapi.wurfl_api_version = "1.1"
resources.useragent.wurflapi.wurfl_lib_dir = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library/Wurfl/1.1"
resources.useragent.wurflapi.wurfl_config_file = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library/Wurfl/1.1/resources/wurfl-config.php"

Configuration Options

Please see the UserAgent options section for details on available options.

Available Methods


Called by the bootstrap object to initialize the resource. Calls the getUserAgent() method first (and returns the instance returned by that method); then, if the "view" resource is available, retrieves it and injects the UserAgent instance into the UserAgent view helper.


Instantiates a Zend_Http_UserAgent instance, using the configuration options provided in the application configuration.

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