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Zend_Application_Resource_Resource is an interface for plugin resources used with bootstrap classes implementing Zend_Application_Bootstrap_ResourceBootstrapper. Resource plugins are expected to allow configuration, be bootstrap aware, and implement a strategy pattern for initializing the resource.

Table 7. Zend_Application_Resource_Resource Interface

Method Return Value Parameters Description
__construct($options = null) Void
  • $options: optional. Options with which to set resource state.

The constructor should allow passing options with which to initialize state.

setBootstrap(Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrapper $bootstrap) Zend_Application_Resource_Resource
  • $bootstrap: required. Parent bootstrap initializing this resource.

Should allow registering the parent bootstrap object.

getBootstrap() Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrapper N/A

Retrieve the registered bootstrap instance.

setOptions(array $options) Zend_Application_Resource_Resource
  • $options: required. Options with which to set state.

Set resource state.

getOptions() Array N/A

Retrieve registered options.

init() Mixed N/A

Strategy pattern: run initialization of the resource.

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