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Zend_Auth_Adapter_Http provides a mostly-compliant implementation of RFC-2617, Basic and Digest HTTP Authentication. Digest authentication is a method of HTTP authentication that improves upon Basic authentication by providing a way to authenticate without having to transmit the password in clear text across the network.

Major Features:

  • Supports both Basic and Digest authentication.

  • Issues challenges in all supported schemes, so client can respond with any scheme it supports.

  • Supports proxy authentication.

  • Includes support for authenticating against text files and provides an interface for authenticating against other sources, such as databases.

There are a few notable features of RFC-2617 that are not implemented yet:

  • Nonce tracking, which would allow for "stale" support, and increased replay attack protection.

  • Authentication with integrity checking, or "auth-int".

  • Authentication-Info HTTP header.

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