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Zend_Barcode Objects

Barcode objects allow you to generate barcodes independently of the rendering support. After generation, you can retrieve the barcode as an array of drawing instructions that you can provide to a renderer.

Objects have a large number of options. Most of them are common to all objects. These options can be set in four ways:

  • As an array or a Zend_Config object passed to the constructor.

  • As an array passed to the setOptions() method.

  • As a Zend_Config object passed to the setConfig() method.

  • Via individual setters for each configuration type.

Example 65. Different ways to parameterize a barcode object

= array('text' => 'ZEND-FRAMEWORK''barHeight' => 40);

// Case 1: constructor
$barcode = new Zend_Barcode_Object_Code39($options);

// Case 2: setOptions()
$barcode = new Zend_Barcode_Object_Code39();

// Case 3: setConfig()
$config  = new Zend_Config($options);
$barcode = new Zend_Barcode_Object_Code39();

// Case 4: individual setters
$barcode = new Zend_Barcode_Object_Code39();

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