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This (extended) backends stores cache records into files (in a chosen directory).

Available options are :

Table 25. File Backend Options

Option Data Type Default Value Description
cache_dir String [system temp dir] Directory where to store cache files
file_locking Boolean TRUE Enable or disable file_locking : Can avoid cache corruption under bad circumstances but it doesn't help on multithread webservers or on NFS filesystems...
read_control Boolean TRUE Enable / disable read control : if enabled, a control key is embedded in the cache file and this key is compared with the one calculated after the reading.
read_control_type String 'crc32' Type of read control (only if read control is enabled). Available values are : 'md5' (best but slowest), 'crc32' (lightly less safe but faster, better choice), 'adler32' (new choice, faster than crc32), 'strlen' for a length only test (fastest).
hashed_directory_level Integer 0 Hashed directory structure level : 0 means "no hashed directory structure", 1 means "one level of directory", 2 means "two levels"... This option can speed up the cache only when you have many thousands of cache files. Only specific benchs can help you to choose the perfect value for you. Maybe, 1 or 2 is a good start.
hashed_directory_perm Integer 0700 Permissins for the hashed directory structure
file_name_prefix String 'zend_cache' prefix for cache files ; be really careful with this option because a too generic value in a system cache dir (like /tmp) can cause disasters when cleaning the cache
cache_file_umask Integer 0600 umask for cache files
cache_file_perm Integer 0600 Permissions for cache files
metatadatas_array_max_size Integer 100 internal max size for the metadatas array (don't change this value unless you know what you are doing)

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