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Zend_Cache_Frontend_Capture is like Zend_Cache_Frontend_Output but designed for a complete page. It's impossible to use Zend_Cache_Frontend_Capture for caching only a single block. This class is specifically designed to operate in concert only with the Zend_Cache_Backend_Static backend to assist in caching entire pages of HTML / XML or other content to a physical static file on the local filesystem.

Please refer to the documentation on Zend_Cache_Backend_Static for all use cases pertaining to this class.


This frontend operates by registering a callback function to be called when the output buffering it uses is cleaned. In order for this to operate correctly, it must be the final output buffer in the request. To guarantee this, the output buffering used by the Dispatcher must be disabled by calling Zend_Controller_Front's setParam() method, for example, $front->setParam('disableOutputBuffering', true); or adding "resources.frontcontroller.params.disableOutputBuffering = true" to your bootstrap configuration file (assumed INI) if using Zend_Application.

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