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Zend_Cache_Frontend_File is a frontend driven by the modification time of a "master file". It's really interesting for examples in configuration or templates issues. It's also possible to use multiple master files.

For instance, you have an XML configuration file which is parsed by a function which returns a "config object" (like with Zend_Config). With Zend_Cache_Frontend_File, you can store the "config object" into cache (to avoid the parsing of the XML config file at each time) but with a sort of strong dependency on the "master file". So, if the XML config file is modified, the cache is immediately invalidated.

Available Options

Table 23. File Frontend Options

Option Data Type Default Value Description
master_file (deprecated) String '' the complete path and name of the master file
master_files Array array() an array of complete path of master files
master_files_mode String Zend_Cache_Frontend_File::MODE_OR Zend_Cache_Frontend_File::MODE_AND or Zend_Cache_Frontend_File::MODE_OR ; if MODE_AND, then all master files have to be touched to get a cache invalidation if MODE_OR, then a single touched master file is enough to get a cache invalidation
ignore_missing_master_files Boolean FALSE if TRUE, missing master files are ignored silently (an exception is raised else)


Use of this frontend is the same than of Zend_Cache_Core. There is no need of a specific example - the only thing to do is to define the master_file when using the factory.

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