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Zend_Cache_Frontend_Function caches the results of function calls. It has a single main method named call() which takes a function name and parameters for the call in an array.

Available Options

Table 21. Function Frontend Options

Option Data Type Default Value Description
cache_by_default Boolean TRUE if TRUE, function calls will be cached by default
cached_functions Array   function names which will always be cached
non_cached_functions Array   function names which must never be cached


Using the call() function is the same as using call_user_func_array() in PHP:


// $params is an array
// For example to call veryExpensiveFunc(1, 'foo', 'bar') with
// caching, you can use
// $cache->call('veryExpensiveFunc', array(1, 'foo', 'bar'))

Zend_Cache_Frontend_Function is smart enough to cache both the return value of the function and its internal output.


You can pass any built in or user defined function with the exception of array(), echo(), empty(), eval(), exit(), isset(), list(), print() and unset().

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