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Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Adapter Interface

The Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Adapter interface defines methods that each concrete document service adapter implements. The following adapters are shipped with the Simple Cloud API:

To instantiate a document service adapter, use the static method Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Factory::getAdapter(), which accepts a configuration array or a Zend_Config object. The document_adapter key should specify the concrete adapter class by classname. Adapter-specific keys may also be passed in this configuration parameter.

Example 70. Example: Using the SimpleDB adapter

$documents Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Factory::getAdapter(array(
Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Factory::DOCUMENT_ADAPTER_KEY    => $adapterClass,
Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Adapter_SimpleDb::AWS_ACCESS_KEY => $amazonKey,
Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Adapter_SimpleDb::AWS_SECRET_KEY => $amazonSecret

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