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Configuration Options

The following options may be passed as keys to the third, $options argument of the constructor.

Zend_Config_Json Options


The default behavior of Zend_Config is to mark the object as immutable once loaded. Passing this flag with a boolean true will enable modifications to the object.


By default, any time a section extends another, Zend_Config will merge the section with the section it extends. Speciying a boolean true value to this option will disable this feature, giving you only the configuration defined explicitly in that section.


By default, Zend_Config_Json will replace constant names found in values with the defined constant value. You map pass a boolean true to this option to disable this functionality.

Please note that ignoring constants can potentially lead to parse errors, particularly if you are using constants for integer, float, or boolean values. The safest practice is to enclose constants within quotes.

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