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Configuration Options

The following options may be passed as keys to the third, $options argument of the constructor.

Zend_Config_Yaml Options


The default behavior of Zend_Config is to mark the object as immutable once loaded. Passing this flag with a boolean true will enable modifications to the object.


By default, any time a section extends another, Zend_Config will merge the section with the section it extends. Speciying a boolean true value to this option will disable this feature, giving you only the configuration defined explicitly in that section.


By default, Zend_Config_Yaml will replace constant names found in values with the defined constant value. You map pass a boolean true to this option to disable this functionality.


By default, Zend_Config_Yaml uses a built in decoder, Zend_Config_Yaml::decode(), to parse and process YAML files. You may specify an alternate callback to use in place of the built-in one using this option.

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