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Adding Option Rules

You can add more option rules in addition to those you specified in the Zend_Console_Getopt constructor, using the addRules() method. The argument to addRules() is the same as the first argument to the class constructor. It is either a string in the format of the short syntax options specification, or else an associative array in the format of a long syntax options specification. See Declaring Getopt Rules for details on the syntax for specifying options.

Example 132. Using addRules()

= new Zend_Console_Getopt('abp:');
'verbose|v' => 'Print verbose output'

The example above shows adding the --verbose option with an alias of -v to a set of options defined in the call to the constructor. Notice that you can mix short format options and long format options in the same instance of Zend_Console_Getopt.

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