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Object Initialization

While you can always override the action controller's constructor, we do not recommend this. Zend_Controller_Action::__construct() performs some important tasks, such as registering the request and response objects, as well as any custom invocation arguments passed in from the front controller. If you must override the constructor, be sure to call parent::__construct($request, $response, $invokeArgs).

The more appropriate way to customize instantiation is to use the init() method, which is called as the last task of __construct(). For example, if you want to connect to a database at instantiation:

class FooController extends Zend_Controller_Action
    public function 
$this->db Zend_Db::factory('Pdo_Mysql', array(
'host'     => 'myhost',
'username' => 'user',
'password' => 'XXXXXXX',
'dbname'   => 'website'

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