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Extending the Front Controller

To extend the Front Controller, at the very minimum you will need to override the getInstance() method:

class My_Controller_Front extends Zend_Controller_Front
    public static function 
        if (
null === self::$_instance) {
self::$_instance = new self();


Overriding the getInstance() method ensures that subsequent calls to Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance() will return an instance of your new subclass instead of a Zend_Controller_Front instance -- this is particularly useful for some of the alternate routers and view helpers.

Typically, you will not need to subclass the front controller unless you need to add new functionality (for instance, a plugin autoloader, or a way to specify action helper paths). Some points where you may want to alter behaviour may include modifying how controller directories are stored, or what default router or dispatcher are used.

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